It’s Tweedy Time!

I’d never heard of Tweedy Thomas before, but she can beat the hell out of a tambourine, and she rips up the washboard, too!

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Porteña Jazz Band’s Norberto Mendez

Well, this dude’s not afraid to get in your face. The Porteña Jazz Band (from Argentina, I think) gives Norberto Mendez an extended tabla de lavar feature, and he makes the most of it. I’d be terrified to put myself out there like that. Fortunately for Sr. Mendez, he’s good enough to pull it off.

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A Lesson With Washboard Chaz

It doesn’t get any better than this. Washboard Chaz, the King of the Blues Washboard, gives us a tour of his board and teaches a first lesson for beginning washboardistes. This is must-watch stuff!

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I don’t know who this German dude is, but his board (played à la française) is loaded up with every conceivable gadget and accessory: a splash cymbal, a tiny little china cymbal, an afuche, a ratchet, a slapstick, and a variety of other devices–and he uses them all! This is washboard playing at its most aerobic.

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How To Make a Waschbrett

I want to do this. I love the old-timey corrugating machine!

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Washboard Lou and the Po’ Boys’s Louana Gouvea

I like these guys a lot. Washboard Lou and the Po’ Boys are a Brazilian quartet that plays tunes that seem to be pulled mainly from the standard string band repertoire. Louana Gouvea, the eponymous Washboard Lou, plays her pail-sized board à l’américaine, and she has it rigged out with a tiny splash cymbal, a tin can, a woodblock (?), a slide whistle and a kazoo, which she actually plays in this cut. It’s hard not to like a band in which somebody plays the banjolele.

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