He’s Going To Play His Very Best Show

That’s what Seasick Steve promises, anyway, and I believe him. In this video, he’s playing a one-string washboard guitar, and he’s playing the hell out of it.

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Here’s Something You Don’t See Every Day…

A musician named Franck Cesarini has put together a rig based on a long, thin wooden washboard. He’s playing it à l’américaine and has it decked out with a small cowbell, a round something-or-other, and a bicycle bell. This thing has a pretty nice sound. I imagine the thimbles are going to tear the wood apart before very long, however.

Mr. Cesarini also appears to be a guitarist.

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More Dizzy!

Here’s Dizzy Incirlioglu tearing it up on “Washboard Wiggles” with the Shake ‘Em Up Jazz Band. I wish  I could solo on the board!

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“Washboard Cut-Out”

Bobbie Leecan’s Need-More Band appears to be, musically speaking, a cut above your standard string band of the 1920s. “Washboard Cut-Out” is a perky piece featuring some solid washboard stylings by Eddie Edinborough (about whom there is little to be found on the Internet).

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More David Langlois

Here’s David Langlois, currently of the Blue Vipers of Brooklyn, pairing up with Chapman Stick player Steve Adelson in a clip from 2008. The Chapman Stick is so versatile and Langlois has so much gear on his board that the two of them sound like a full band.



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Ralf Reynolds is the King. Period.

This tune by the Ellis Island Boys really gives Ralf Reynolds a chance to groove. He’s doing so much subtle stuff here, all within the context of a tight one-handed shuffle, that it’s tough to take it in.

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I Don’t Know Who This Guy Is, But He’s Great.

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This Guy Is Better Than I Am In Many, Many Ways.

He’s a hell of a washboard player, first of all. He’s also able to grow a lush  forest of facial hair. In addition, he can sing. Finally, he has a six-shooter mounted to the side of his board which he actually works into his solo.

These guys are the Slick Skillet Serenaders, out of New Orleans. I can’t find the name of the washboardiste. Any help along those lines would be appreciated.

These guys rock.

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More Washboard Tie Guy

Here’s another taste of Rob Cook, the Washboard Tie Guy, who was previously featured here. What is there to say? This guy is abso-friggin’-lutely amazing.

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