This page is dedicated to the glory of the musical washboard.

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  1. Simon says:

    Dear Modern Washboarder,

    Would you recommend a spiral or wavy rubbing surface? I have never played a washboard before, so have absolutely no idea about either. Thanks, I’ve enjoyed the site.


    • To my mind, it’s six of one, a half-dozen of the other. The real difference in tone seems to come from the metal that the surface is made of. Stainless steel has a brighter sound; galvanized sounds darker and fatter.

    • friarrodneyburnap says:

      I like both style of rubbing surfaces for playing the Washboard…I just don’t like a Washboard so full of attachments that you look like a one-man band or comic relief. You don’t want to try and be funny with your playing….To many people that can’t really play, try and make up for there lack of playing skill by being the comic relief for the band…and people might laugh at your antics, but comedy isn’t washboard playing….


  2. Simon says:

    Thanks for the information. I have gone with a spiral, galvanised ‘board after closely watching my favourite players on Youtube.

  3. Joanma says:

    Hello everyone!
    I’m Joanma from Barcelona, Catalunya, and I’m trying to begin with the washboard. The problem is, here are only 2 o 3 people who play it, and in the other side, not a place where to buy. I have seen some shops online, but like a absolut beginner, I’d like to ask you for an adviice. A web would be great, and if you now some videos to learn it will be the most similar thing to a teacher I can get.
    Anyway, thanks a lot!

    • Javier Garcia says:

      I am a beginner also and in same situation. Right now I am watching washboard videos of styles I really enjoy and have made two washboards to practice with – standard sized and lingerie model. Since bluegrass and New Orleans music is new to me I am discovering popular songs which I like to play along with. So the answer is practice to music you really enjoy!

  4. Hi,
    I represent a new product – http://www.StiknPik.com I just received this note from a washboard player who bought Stik n’ Pik. I’m just contacting you to see if you may be interested in checking it out.
    Stephen Gardner

    Thanks for sending the stik n pik so promptly. I play the washboard but always had a problem keeping the metal thimbels from flying off my fingers at critical moments. I tried several different products and nothing worked very well until I tried stick and pik. The best thing about using stiknpik is that it is easy to apply and doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky. I frequently switch to playing hand drums and can just pull of the thimbles and hit on the drum without messing up my drum top. Thanks for creating a great product.
    Lenore Blake
    Ron Blake Guitars

  5. Javier Garcia says:

    This guys set-up, sound, style and performance is one of the best I’ve seen. What is that odd shaped copper bell on lower right?

  6. Steve Brown says:

    Dear modern wash border, this is a great site, with so much information, and interesting folks. I came to the board probably about 35 years or so ago, went down to the hardware store and picked one up. I had a book called how to play nearly everything, that had a whole washboard section. The one serious washboard player I could pick up on word of been washboard Sam, so when I started playing I imitated his position, and playing technique. It’s been a lot of years but I haven’t been playing it continuously, I will say I’m playing in a band now and use it regularly. I’m considering changing my style and positioning, for the most part I’m influenced by Robin refuser, that excellent player from tuba skinny. As I am now paying more attention, I realize there are a variety of positions people play in. I’m going to keep my board the way it is, but have purchased another for experimentation. Thanks for putting this site together I would be glad to post pictures, If you allow. Steve Brown

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