Chunk’s Rig

83374609_182575579525060_7953626094651834368_o.jpgWhat we have here is the Behrens board used by Chunk, washboardiste of Gutter Puddle from up in Vancouver, BC. He describes his add-ons as follows:

I added 3 measuring cups all different sizes
The one mounted on the bottom makes a higher pitch splash sound
The one above the bell makes a deeper tone splash and the small one mounted on the side makes a high “pop” sound
My cowbell is also in the tone of g

Gutter Puddle is a really interesting trio with a washboard player, an accordionist, and a lead vocalist who also plays guitar, uke, and mandolin (and maybe more, for all I know).

Check out their version of “Saint James Infirmary” here. Highly recommended!

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