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“Dixieland Drumming Instruction” by Ray Bauduc

If you’re a washboard player and you want to be as authentic as humanly possible when you play jazz of the 1920s and 1930s, then Dixieland Drumming Instruction is where you want to begin your studies. Bauduc was the real … Continue reading

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More Patrick Skiffington with the Crescent Katz

Here’s the ever-enjoyable Patrick Skiffington playing with the Crescent Katz at the 2017 Fresno Jazz Fest. I really like the way he changes up what he’s doing to fit with each different featured player. This is how you do it!

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Del & The Rad Rompers’s Shane Del Robles

Shane Del Robles—the “Del” of Del and the Rad Rompers—plays a nice solo here at the beginning of “Lulu’s Back in Town.” He’s playing a fully-rigged board deployed à la française that appears to include a pie tin and a … Continue reading

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Stéphane Séva teaches how to play the board

Skilled French washboardiste Stéphane Séva here posts a very useful tutorial on basic washboard technique. He’s using a fully-rigged board deployed à la française, and he focuses on the earliest kind of jazz beat used by those of the Baby … Continue reading

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