The Ben Miller Band’s Doug Dicharry

You should only watch this video if you’re prepared to have your face melted off by some electric washboard-driven trance blues, courtesy of the Ben Miller Band.

Doug Dicharry, the washboardiste, has a very simple setup: a plain board, played à laméricaine, scraped with something unidentifiable. Then he flips the script on you by plugging the board into a pedal of some sort. Unlike other electric washboard work that I’ve seen, the electronic effects enhance the sound of the board, rather than masking it. Dicharry is playing like a maniac here, and the extended board solo in the middle of the song is worth hearing.

The Ben Miller Band is obviously the real deal; they opened for ZZ Top during a European tour last year. You can learn more about the band and see some additional video here.

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1 Response to The Ben Miller Band’s Doug Dicharry

  1. Tess Smith says:

    AWESOME!!! Love BMB!!! Can’t wait to see them @ RiverStomp again this year!!! You guys kick ass!!

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