The Main Street Maniacs’ Dick Hardwick

Now this guy’s just darned good. This is a blast from the past: the Main Street Maniacs are caught here playing some traditional jazz at Disneyland in 1981. They’re great, as you would expect any of the house bands to be at the Magic Kingdom. The washboardiste, Dick Hardwick, has rigged his board up à laméricaine. It’s covered with bells and blocks and horns, and there’s a little splash cymbal tacked on for good measure. I can’t tell what Hardwick is using as scrapers here–whisks, maybe? Whatever he’s using, he has an incredibly deft, sure touch, and his accents on the various effects are perfect. To top it all off, his board opens up to reveal an “APPLAUD” sign to the audience. Also: notice the slick way he handles the task of choking the cymbal.

It looks like Hardwick is now a corporate comedian.  It would be a shame if he never kept up with the washboard.

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