“I’ve Got a Feeling I’m Falling”

Today I learned that it’s tough not to feel good when you’re listening to a banjolele. What we have here is a rendition of the Fats Waller/Billy Rose tune “I’ve Got a Feeling I’m Falling,” delivered via an unnamed chap on banjolele and a solemn young lady named Josephine on a pail-sized washboard. Her rig is equipped with a couple of cans, a call bell, and a micro-sized splash cymbal, which she uses to nice effect, especially after she seems to loosen up about halfway through the song. The whole thing ends with a nice Annette Hanshawesque “That’s all!” Check it out.

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2 Responses to “I’ve Got a Feeling I’m Falling”

  1. david says:

    david here, the banjoleleist. i also built the washboard. you can see it used by a different percussionist last summer at a house/barn show:

    nice solo by stephen in this one:

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