The Carolina Catskins’ Sadie

What we seem to have here are some actual, for-real hippies busking on the streets of Asheville, North Carolina. (I write this as a lifelong resident of northern California, an Adult Child of Hippies, and an acquaintance of many actual, for-real hippies.) The Carolina Catskins’ lineup includes a dude on standup bass, a guy playing a resonator guitar, a guy playing the saw—he actually takes a solo in this clip—and another dude playing acoustic guitar. The washboard player, who appears to be named Sadie, is using forks to play a board à laméricaine. It has a brass playing surface that looks like it had a couple of chunks blown out of it with a shotgun.

She actually demonstrates some chops, especially if you follow up “Everybody wants to be a cat Part 1” with the more uptempo “Everyone wants to be a cat Part 2.”

You can follow the Carolina Catskins on Facebook here.

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2 Responses to The Carolina Catskins’ Sadie

  1. Yup. Sadie rocks. 🙂 – ABBY THE SPOON LADY

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