Gringo’s Washboard Band

Here’s the Gringo’s Washboard Band, which hails from Curitiba, Brazil. Guto Krainski, the washboardiste, plays his wavy-crimped board in la mode à laméricaine. He scrapes with thimbles, and his board is rigged out with a couple of tin cups and a call bell. I really like the nice, clean sound he gets on his drags.

The video’s a little too arty for my taste, but the music is good.

Hear some more from the Gringo’s Washboard Band here. Like them on Facebook.

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2 Responses to Gringo’s Washboard Band

  1. Lucas says:

    Support the band!!! Good people and awesome musicians/music!

  2. guto says:

    thanks guys, i really appreciate that… i’m bass player and i’m learning the art of washboard and improving my technique day by day…viva a musica sempre!.

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