The Standard Family Band

The Standard Family Band here delivers its rendition of Robert Johnson’s “It’s Red Hot.” This group has everything: a fiddle player who stops playing in order to grab a beer; a woman who apparently only dances; a gutbucket player; a banjo player; a mandolinist; a dude playing a resonator; a musical saw artiste; and a washboard player who attacks the board (and the vocals) with admirable energy.

He plays the board a l’americaine, holding it in place with what look like suspenders (and which seriously diminish the board’s playing surface). Attached to the board are three bells of varying sizes and a splash cymbal, which gets a real workout. He’s playing the whole contraption with spoons, applied edge-on for maximum volume.

I’m unable to find any further information about the Standard Family Band. If you learn anything, let me know.

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