“Reenlistment Blues” by yours truly

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Washboard Sam: “My Bucket’s Got a Hole In It”

I have no idea how it is that I’ve never yet linked to Washboard Sam.

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Green Rock River Band’s Richard Stillman

Richard Stillman takes us on a tour of his rig. He plays in the doom folk (?) group Green Rock River Band, about which more here.

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More great work by Tuba Skinny’s Robin Rapuzzi

The World’s Greatest Band, Tuba Skinny, here shares with us a sweet version of Blind Boy Fuller’s “Untrue Blues,” nailed down, as always, by the understated rhythm stylings of Robin Rapuzzi.

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Shane Del Robles

This is a nice version of “Summertime” by a band which appears to have no name. Shane Del Robles is doing the honors here on a board set up much like that of David Langlois of the Blue Vipers of Brooklyn: played à la française and loaded with a variety of devices, including a garden trowel and a pie tin.

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The California Honeydrops’ Ben Malament

This is a nice rendition of “Weary Blues” by members of the California Honeydrops. It’s minimalist: only a trumpet, a clarinet and the board, the last of which is played very adeptly by Ben Malament. He’s using an unadorned board played à l’américaine, and he drops a nice solo in near the end of the piece.

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Cincinnati Handmade Rhythm Washboards (from Argentina, of course)

I’ve stumbled across another maker of washboards. Cincinnati Washboards is, so the website informs us, the labor of love of three Argentine cousins: a musician, an engineer, and a designer. They build wavy-crimp boards designed to be played à l’américaine. Each has a call bell mounted on it. You can even get the “Big Farmer” style with a pre-rusted playing surface!

I trust that the prices they quote on the site are incorrect in some way:

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 8.51.20 AM


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